My Tree in Israel is an entrepreneurship which is working to create a platform where Israeli farmers can connect with Israel lovers and share their amazing products. Simultaneously, our platform is a wonderful way for Israel lovers to support and connect to Israel in a new and unique way. The plan is create a personalized bond between members of Congregation Beit Shalom to “adopt” an olive tree from a farmer’s grove, from which you will receive your private brand of olive oil after the harvest. You will receive personalized tin cans of cold pressed extra virgin Israeli olive oil in the first quarter of the year, after the annual harvest in November. The oil will remain fresh and usable throughout the year and the synagogue will receive a portion of the funds as a valued      donation. Trees may be bought by groups of families or friends in honor of a special occasion, or as a living memorial to a person who has passed. Each tree’s oil will be be labeled with the name decided upon, and the oil bottles may be shared, as well as the cost.

¨ You get kosher extra virgin unfiltered olive oil

¨ Adopt a tree and get six bottles of oil from that tree

¨ Buy olive oil directly from your farer’s olive grove

¨ Support Israel and Israeli farmers and Beit Shalom

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