Congregation Beit Shalom

A 100% VirJEWal Synagogue serving the needs of all backgrounds of the Jewish Community of
Central, NJ since 1983

Eli B. Perlman, Rabbi

Who is Congregation Beit Shalom?

Congregation Beit Shalom / Monroe Township is a unique Conservative Egalitarian Congregation. The difference between this and other congregations is that we are truly a family. We get together to pray, to learn, to laugh, to sing, to schmooze - and it is 100% VirJEWal. When someone is in need, we help each other in ways that continue to inspire everyone.

To attend VirJEWal Religious Services
Every Shabbat and Yom Tov Morning at
9:30 am Eastern Time on YouTube...

Shana Tovah

Yom Kippur - Monday morning
Sep. 25 - 10:00

Stump Rabbi Eli - Monday afternoon
Sep. 25 - 5:00

N'eila - Monday evening
Sep. 25 - 6:15

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