Congregation Beit Shalom

A 100% VirJEWal Synagogue serving the needs of all backgrounds of the Jewish Community of
Central, NJ since 1983

Eli B. Perlman, Rabbi

Who is Congregation Beit Shalom?

Congregation Beit Shalom / Monroe Township is a unique Conservative Egalitarian Congregation. The difference between this and other congregations is that we are truly a family. We get together to pray, to learn, to laugh, to sing, to schmooze - and it is 100% VirJEWal. When someone is in need, we help each other in ways that continue to inspire everyone.

To attend VirJEWal Religious Services
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Shabbat Bechukotai:
Torah: Levit. 26.3-27.34.
Haftorah: Jeremiah 16.19-17.14.

This portion is the final salvo against improper behavior found in the Book of Leviticus. It is, in fact, the final Sidra in the Third Book of our Torah. It gives us a fairly black and white view of good and evil; of righteousness and sin; of reward and punishment. It features a long admonition by Moshe - the “Tochacha.” These Curses specifically and graphically describe the misfortunes that will befall the Jews should we turn away from the right path in Life. On the other side of the coin, endless blessings will accrue if the Jews follow G‑d and G-d’s great gift of the Mitzvot.

For the ancients, the Sanctuary and its attendant offerings were a symbol of walking in the way of G‑d. Therefore, the Book of Leviticus now ends in much the same way as it began - the listing of the rituals and offerings which are to be brought out of one’s free will in the House of G‑d.

Chazak Chazak Venitchazek!
Strengthen, Strengthen, May We Be Strengthened.

This formula is recited at the completion of a Book of the Torah when read it aloud in public.

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